Winston Churchill once said:
“There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

We believe that there is something special about horses and they can teach a lot about ourselves.
Also, we believe that the rider should be as fit as his horse. For this reason, we offer fitness lessons for horse riders to improve core strength, balance and mobility.


Usually, we are passionate about training and preparing horses for a special event like a competition, but we often forget about ourselves, so to be in as good physical shape as your horse - apply for fitness classes! By the way - this fitness class is good for everyone, so go on and apply even if you're not related to horses.


This is your opportunity to express yourself creatively! Capture your dream in magical and gorgeous sunset at the seashore or in a dreamlike pine tree forest of Bernati Nature Park.


Do you want to organize a party for your children, challenge bachelors in some activities with a horse or surprise your loved one on a special day - we are open to new ideas and cooperation, so feel free to contact us!

Inara, masseuse

I have always had the dream of riding a horse at least once in my life. And so here I was even doing exercises on horseback! I had not told anyone, but I had been feeling pain in my hip for a long time, I was surprised that after such one lesson the pain had disappeared. I was surprised that after this one lesson the pain was gone. I think that such gymnastics would be healthy for everyone, at least rarely, to feel the peace and healing power created of a horse.